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AAWHOIS.COM is a cool whois website! It really is! :)

After a long time working with domain names, we found that whois lookup tools are important to many users, especially the domain investors(1). These users need to check the available of their interested domains, check the expiry date of cool domains... and plan to buy them at the correct time base on the whois results.

Launched in May 2008, we are providing you the simple, fast and powerful whois lookup tools. With AAWHOIS, you can quickly know if the domain is available, you can find detailed information about the domain... in very simple ways!

Hope that you all feel happy at AAWHOIS and be more success in the domain industry!

Extra Services
We provide some extra services relate to domain name and website:
- Domain name suggestions
- Domain buy support
- Website design & development
- Search engine optimization (contact )
- Online marketing using Google Adwords (contact )
- Digital brand building
Contact Us
Any questions, suggestions or feedbacks, please do not hesitate to contact us:


(1) Domain investors are the people who buy domains with cool name, keep them for a period and sell them to the companies who need the domains for their business. The more common domain name is, the more value it is.