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Faster way: start directly from browser's address box.
Put the domain name you want to lookup right after www.aahois.com in the URL address, follow this pattern: http://www.aawhois.com/yourdomain.com or http://www.aawhois.com/ip.address

Examples: http://www.aawhois.com/aawhois.com, http://www.aawhois.com/
User's benefits:
Easy to use whois tools, get results with one click only
Fast lookup with cached and preload utilities
Detailed whois data in the result, include IP & website information (need JavaScript enabled)
Support IP Whois (IP address whois lookup)
Country Domains whois search (.au, .ca, .uk, .hk, .cn...)
Notes & Tips:
AAWHOIS provide whois tools for free
You should not include www prefix in the domain name
We highly recommend you to turn on JavaScript to benefit advanced features (whois details, website summary, search input validator, other gTLDs...)
Please check the section Country Domains for a list of supported country code domains
Domain input with no extension will be automatically translated to .com domain. This means you can enter only the term yourdomain in the search box to lookup for yourdomain.com or use the url address http://www.aawhois.com/mydomain
*** Note: some special terms will not be applied this advanced feature (ex. about-us, ip-whois, whois, ...) ***